Frequently Asked Questions

What is Driver’s Edge technology and how does it work?

Driver’s Edge is a proprietary perimeter system that reinforces the center sitting area of the mattress. For most drivers, that center section gets a lot of abuse. We designed the Driver’s Edge using a coil system topped with dense memory foam. Each coil is electronically tempered to ensure it won’t break down, maintaining height and responsiveness. We used an innerspring edge because only coils deflect and rebound in a straight line. Unlike weak foam edges that bend, buckle, and break down over time, Driver’s Edge uses the science of straight-line deflection to create a supportive, durable edge that’s perfect for sitting and sliding into bed. In addition to the best edge on the planet, we extended the firmness across the center section of the mattress to give you reinforced back support. That extra support ensures you have more reinforcement across your hips, which is the heaviest part of your body.

What kind of memory foam is inside?

The Drift mattress uses high-density, cooling gel memory foam to deliver pressure relief and a cool-to-the-touch feel.

How much does the mattress weigh?

The 39”x80” mattress weighs 66 lbs. and the 42”x80” mattress weighs 70 lbs.

How do I unpack the mattress?

Place the open end of the box on the floor and lift up. Remove the box and place the rolled mattress into your sleeper. Carefully pull the loose ends to unwrap the outer plastic. Unroll the mattress.

Position the mattress flat over the sleeping area. Carefully cut the inner bag with a pair of scissors. BE SURE TO AVOID CUTTING THE MATTRESS UPHOLSTERY. You will hear a rush of air as the mattress expands. Remove the inner plastic bag. After one hour, your new Drift mattress will be fully decompressed and ready to enjoy.

Do I need to flip or rotate the mattress?

The Drift mattress is one-sided. You do not need to flip or rotate it.

My space is small/bigger. Can I special order a size?

At this time, we offer mattresses sized at 39”x80 and 42”x80”. Special sizes are not available.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Each Drift mattress comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty covering workmanship and materials. For further details, click here.

What if the mattress is too hard or soft for me?

The Drift mattress is engineered to fit a variety of body types. We do not offer comfort guarantees. If you’re concerned about the feel of the mattress, please visit one of our retail partners where you can try the mattress.

How do I know this mattress will last?

This mattress has gone through ASTM Certified testing to ensure it will not break down, sag, or settle. The Drift team tested the mattress at 350 lbs., simulating 10 years of use. The Drift mattress passed with flying colors. You can rest easy knowing your Drift mattress will feel the same way every day.

I’m skeptical about buying a mattress online. If I don’t like it, can I return it?

Each Drift mattress is made of high-quality, resilient materials and has been tested using ASTM certified methods to prove its durability. We encourage you to visit one of our retail partners where you can try the mattress.

How do I know if I need a new mattress?

There are a variety of factors that lead to needing a new mattress. If you are not sleeping well, have aches and pains, or simply hate your old mattress, it’s likely time for a new one.